Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride - 2005

Praise for Ticket To Ride:

‘Darmody’s writing is fresh, unpretentious and laden with detail . . . [she has] an eye for detail, a delicious sense of humour and a real love of wacky/weird America. The result is a sharply observed look at America’s underbelly.’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Darmody is an incorrigible wise-cracker, an inventive comic writer who is drawn to all that is weird and larger than life…Ticket to Ride is a lot of fun.’ The Age

‘A life-changing journey…a witty, challenging page-turner and a great example of warts and all travel writing.’ Herald Sun

‘Darmody (gives) some real insight into a post 9/11 world for Americans…great reading.’ Daily Telegraph

‘Sarah Darmody is a young, modern-day, cheeky Australian Alexis de Tocqueville, whose observations will teach all of us jaded Americans a thing or two.’ Gasparilla Magazine, USA

‘Filled with characters that are as unforgettable and unbelievable as the places she visits, Ticket to Ride is a surprising book; much funnier and more insightful than I expected…more about the soul of America. A great read.’ The Manly Daily

‘This travel tale, told with humour and insight, will have you both laughing and shaking your head in disbelief.’ New Weekly

‘A story of disasters and survival told with charm and humour.’ Woman’s Day

‘Sarah Darmody is an instant mistress of the art [of the popular travel book]…a rich and interesting narrative.’ Adelaide Advertiser

‘Darmody pushes the envelope in this travel memoir…the humour adds to a very interesting journey across the continental USA.’ nine to five

‘A belly laugh a page, a giggle a paragraph and a smile in nearly every line.  Sweeter than a Krispy Kreme and more satisfying than an all-American meal.  I laughed, I learnt, I loved.’  Sarah Macdonald, author of HOLY COW! 

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Take Me With You

“In Take Me With You, share the delirious highs and lows of long distance love with some of Australia’s most intrepid romantics: Sarah Macdonald, John Birmingham, Mandy Sayer, Kendall Hill, Emily Ballou, Tom Gleeson, Sarah Darmody, Valerie Barnes and Nicholas Hope. Join a party of fellow travellers who have scaled the heights and otherwise of love and longing from afar. Sarah Macdonald ponders if its better to leave or be left and considers abandoning her near perfect life for one of chaos and uncertainty; John Birmingham lusts after an interstate beauty he can no longer afford and who has forgotten him already; Mandy Sayer explains why her marriage needs to be lived in two separate homes; Tom Gleeson plays the love-struck fool in Italy; Kendall Hill delves into a life lost and uncovers a shocking secret on a Greek Island, and Sarah Darmody travels to Borneo where her childhood love and her new love meet.’ (Random House, 2005)

Film, Its’s a Contact Sport

‘The ultimate guide for screen-struck job seekers or film enthusiasts who want to understand the workings of this formidable business. It explores the politics, the technology, job requirements and the behind-the-scenes reality of great film, television and documentary productions. Most importantly, it provides original stories and priceless insights from many of Australia’s best known screen professionals. Luminaries such as Peter Weir, Bruce Beresford, Jill Bilcock, John Seale and their industry colleagues offer their own personal career histories, providing a unique portrait of Australia’s film and television culture over the last few decades, as well as an overview of the current state of the screen arts and projections for the future of this ever-changing industry’.  (New Holland, 2002)